How do I qualify and gain access?
We're committed to rollout the platform thoughtfully, ensuring success and happiness for all Makers! Currently in beta, access to the platform is by invitation or by online application. To qualify, you must be a domestic (USA) Maker or manufacturer with a proven ability to produce customizable, made-to-order products. Quality is key, your products must maintain a high level of awesomeness that meets and satisfies customer expectations.

We are working tirelessly to optimize the Maker experience and can't wait to bring the platform to our entire network of Makers across the globe.
What do I need in order to start selling on Zazzle?
Selling with Zazzle is easy! All you need is an approved application, a made-to-order product to sell, and some basic information to set up your store.
Is there a contract?
There is a standardized online agreement for joining the Zazzle Maker Platform. Once you have been accepted as Maker on the Platform you will have the opportunity to review it.

During the registration process, you'll be required to agree via an online checkbox. It's important to take a minute to read these terms and understand them. We've done our best to remove the legal mumbo jumbo. We want to make this experience an awesome one, for both you and your customers.
What types of products can I sell on Zazzle?
All products offered through Zazzle must be made-to-order and feature at least one customizable option. That's what Zazzle is all about, and our customers are too! The ability to select options that reflect their personal tastes and create a custom product is why they choose to shop on Zazzle.

We love a product that has some soul. Products that tell a great story, are forged from passion, and express a love of craftsmanship will always have a home at Zazzle.

Popular products on Zazzle include apparel, housewares, jewelry and accessories, office products, electronics accessories, art, and paper goods. That said, nearly any category of product is eligible. From tasty custom cake pops to single speed bicycles, Zazzle can sell it all.
Are there any fees?
There are no fees to access Zazzle's Maker Platform. Sound good? We think so! No fees for joining, no set-up fees, and no listing fees for your products.

Zazzle will charge a commission only when you make a sale on the platform. The commission rate varies depending on the features you utilize. We do not include shipping costs or sales tax in the commission calculation.
Does my offering on Zazzle need to be exclusive?
By all means, continue selling your products elsewhere. Joining the Zazzle Maker Platform is exclusive only in that you'll be reaping the benefits of an unrivaled, fully-integrated platform designed for Makers and manufacturers of custom, made-to-order goods.

The tools and technologies that we have been developing for over 10 years are catered specifically to you. Zazzle customers can seamlessly customize any product imaginable through our ecosystem of Makers, Designers, and Partners. Makers can easily manage their business including the mundane details of reporting and shipping. Oh, and there's also the existing audience of millions who visit Zazzle seeking unique, custom products.

For many, Zazzle is already the primary source of revenue for their business. For others, it's supplemental. Either way, if you are a passionate, quality-obsessed Maker, chances are we're a good fit for you.
How do I list my products on Zazzle?
The core of the Maker platform is a set of online tools designed to help you capture all the important information about your products. We'll guide you through each step to collect relevant product data, pricing, and shipping info. Through our photo tools, you'll add HotSpots to your product photos to highlight all the customizable features and options that you offer. You'll add video and photography assets to help communicate your special features directly to customers.

You can preview how your product information will appear to customers on After you submit, we'll review and once approved, you can choose when to publish your product live to millions of customers!
How will customer service be handled?
One of the many reasons that customers choose Zazzle is to have a deeper connection to the products and the Makers behind them. We provide a messaging feature that directly connects you with your customers.

Your presence on Zazzle is an extension of your company and brand, establishing this direct relationship with customers is crucial to your success. Hold your communications in high regard and respond promptly to inquiries. We work hard to keep both customers and Makers happy and successful.
How does shipping work? Can I sell internationally?
The short answer? Shipping via Zazzle is a piece of cake. We provide Makers with a fully integrated shipping and logistics solution that could not be easier to manage. You benefit directly from the the scale of Zazzle's established network. This means lower shipping costs, free tracking, and eventually, international shipping too!

The nitty gritty: once you have produced a customer's product, you'll use the Maker platform to automatically print shipping labels and tracking codes. Once shipped, Zazzle will send an automatic notification to the customer with their tracking codes. As a Zazzle Maker, there is no stress over calculating shipping costs or determining shipping options. We have seamlessly integrated this into our system and the customer will be charged the appropriate shipping cost.

Currently Zazzle ships via UPS and USPS to domestic (USA) locations. We're working hard to expand the Maker platform to more countries as soon as possible.
How do I get paid?
Commerce should also be risk-free for consumers! Quality and customer satisfaction is a top priority. Zazzle offers a generous 30-day return policy to customers, even though products are custom-made and typically cannot be resold.

Zazzle will disburse your sales proceeds every 15 days by check, subject to reserves for returns, chargebacks, disputes, or other claims.
What can I do to get customers?
Access to Zazzle's millions of daily visitors is just part of growing your customer base. It all starts with you and your brand. Once you've added great products and compelling marketing content to your Maker Profile and storefront, your goods will appear in search results and shopping features across the site. We will do our part to drive traffic to those products, and on top of that the more traffic you can generate yourself by leveraging social media and sharing links with your existing customer base the better off you'll be.

Most importantly, once you start receiving orders, providing customers with quality and a speedy turnaround will result in positive ratings and reviews. Customers who have a great experience will tell their friends, post on social networks, and come back for more. That's sales gold for an online seller!

Lastly, if your marketing content (photos, video, and messaging) is especially great, you'll become eligible for featured placements, promotional emails, and more.
How do I become a featured maker? Do I need to make a video?
We're flipping the switch on mass manufacturing and a big part of that is telling the stories of these cool customizable products and the Makers who craft them. “Maker Moments” is a special feature that showcases Maker stories in prominent locations across Zazzle. While we strongly encourage all Makers to include a video in their profile, it is not a requirement to join the platform.

If you'd like to be a featured Maker, you must have a compelling video and at least one product available for purchase in the marketplace. Fab photography and rich product messaging along with a video that takes consumers behind-the-scenes are key elements to becoming a featured Maker. Customer satisfaction is also a factor — it's important to deliver on time and at the highest quality. These metrics are taken into consideration for ranking and placement across the site, including featured locations such as “Maker Moments.”
I have more questions! How do I get in touch?
We'd love to hear from you. You can reach us at